Embodied Love & Liberation

The liberation cannot happen in the head alone; the liberation must be embodied.

Why do this work of Love & Liberation?

  • to liberate ourselves from the toxic colonial/patriarchal patterns in our psyches. 
  • to learn to savor life (another term for mindfulness) to add flavor, color, and vitality to our lives.
  • to heal ourselves and the planet with divine feminine wisdom; the way of beauty; the way of the heart. 

My Offerings:

I serve my community in multiple ways:

1 on 1 Psycho-Spiritual and Somatic Sessions  

Are you needing psycho-spiritual or somatic support? I'm  honored to create sacred space for deep compassionate listening and guidance. Via Zoom or in person.

Monthly Coaching/ Guidance / Apprenticeship 

This is the work of Transformation. If you are in real need of change, but you are not getting the results you want on your own, I can guide you, teaching you to embody love and self-compassion all along the way.

Speaking/ Preaching

I love bringing the message of love, liberation, embodiment, psychedelics, plant medicines, and trauma recovery to people in my extended community. Please reach out.

Ceremonies / Retreats

These sessions are designed to help you experience divine love as well as self-love; they allow you to experience your body (and the body of the earth) as sacred beings. They facilitate healing and transcendence. 

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Love Letters after Love & Liberation 

"Words are just inadequate because this was the most profound, holy experience of my life. Thank you for showing me more love in 12 hours than I have felt my entire life. Thank you for giving me joy back. I felt it yesterday when I was walking along the river and caught myself singing out loud. Thank you for the gift of insights that keep coming. Thank you for cracking open
my heart to feel compassion in a way I've never felt before.  And thank you, most of all, for helping me see for the first time ever what has been the major, major block in my life. After a decade of traditional therapy, I am finally healing my inner child. I can see with crystal clarity the very moment I never felt safe again. Now that I see the moment, I know I can move past it. Thank you!"

"Thank you for giving me my life back! And thank you for being you - the bright beautiful embodiment of love that you are!"

"When I first started working with Mariela I wasn't even aware of how much trauma I had experienced, or repressed, and just how dysregulated my nervous system was most moments of my life. I was using substances daily to numb the pain and cope and was terrified to be alone with myself.  Five months after working with Mariela, I no longer need or use substances. My nervous system is regulated. I can recognize my fear and other emotions, name them, and can ride their waves without losing my grounding. She has helped me to return to myself; develop a relationship with both the divine feminine and masculine; and access a river of peace and love that is always available within. I feel like through her exquisite care, I experienced death and rebirth.  Working with Mariela was the greatest gift I have received and I now feel more equipped to help build the more beautiful world I know is possible." 
“Working with Mariela has been transformational in so many ways.  Her intuitive wisdom is nothing short of magical and my sessions with her have brought light to darkness, awareness to unknowns, and most importantly, hope to the future. The time and energy she gives sharing knowledge and modeling how to love ourselves and support our nervous systems is something I will forever reference and be grateful for. I highly encourage others to step into this work with openness and confidence for a better future. It is healing work and one of the very best gifts you can give to yourself and your love ones. You are not alone. 
I wouldn't trade this journey for anything in the world. It’s been so hard but also super fun getting to know all these parts of myself.
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