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Beautiful soul: 

There's a longing at the core of your being; there's a yearning, a calling for more, something deeper, something larger, something truer. This is the call of your soul, an intelligence that runs through you, propelling you toward your own evolution, beckoning you to embody your life's mission/purpose.

I've created this online portal to support you during your journey of freeing that essence within you! The liberation of that intelligence and its gifts for the world gives me hope for the future of this planet.
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You will learn on your own terms, at your own pace, as the energy moves you. You get to choose how to engage with the content and when.


If you are seeking psycho-spiritual and somatic healing, this program will explain the main concepts you need to get you started on your journey.

Who this is for:

I've created this program using easy to understand language for people from different backgrounds and learning styles to be able to understand.

Freeing the Soul

The Soul is the vital, mysterious, and wild essence within each of us that contains our purpose and unique gifts to bring to our communities.

The Abundant Generosity of your Soul

Your soul is rich, abundant, generous, and generative; and at this time, you are being summoned to reclaim that abundance, to recover the passion, vitality, creativity, and purpose hidden behind your social conditioning, in order for us to evolve into a more compassionate race of beings. 

Your soul springs from a well of nourishment and medicine that is there to heal and nourish you and to heal and nourish your entire ecosystem. 

As part of your human/spiritual development, I invite you to break free from the limitations of your social programming in order to release the blessings of your soul/soul purpose.

About Rev Mariela

As a survivor of PTSD and soul loss, I'm deeply passionate about accompanying others through the process of healing and soul recovery.

My work weaves together ancestral practices with the most recent understanding of the autonomic nervous system, spirituality, somatic healing, expansion of consciousness, and breathwork to help you free your soul, reconnect with spirit, and find vitality, meaning, and purpose once more.
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Essential Human Skills You Will Learn
during this Program:

These essential teachings will help you unlock your inner potential so you can live the life your soul wants to live.
  • Understand the concept of Soul (the unique intelligence that moves through you) and the Soul of the World (the collective web of consciousness that moves through the cosmos). 
  • Learn the main concept of somatic healing, for you to embody your wiser/healthier Adult-Self instead of your wounded inner child.
  • Learn about the human autonomic nervous system (ANS) and its language. Learn about regulation and dysregulation.
  • Learn about the different developmental stages of childhood where many of our patterns were developed, which keep us from living a life of authenticity.  
  • Learn about the main five personality patterns/survival strategies we adopted in childhood and that we continue to use now, which are affecting our mental health, careers, relationships, etc. These survival strategies are like jail-guards, keeping the soul trapped.
  •     Understand the basics of neuroplasticity and why change is possible at any age. Hallelujah!  

Also, beloved, you will learn about...

  Boundaries: how to create beautiful healthy boundaries in your life to protect yourself and your energy.
   How to create safe and sacred spaces (cocoons) for regulating the nervous system, meditation, healing, and transformation.

Video Lectures

The lectures I bring to you are personal, accessible, short, and to the point. I will not offend you with boring fillers. I will not waste your time with fluff. You will get the information in a concise/accessible manner in one afternoon (2-3 hours) of your time.
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The soul longs for beauty, and this course satisfies that longing with original artwork and photography that are visually nourishing for you and your soul. 

Read. | Watch. | Learn. | Grow.

You will have the option of watching the video lectures or read the beautiful PDFs in each section. You can learn on your own terms, on your own time...
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Learn to protect yourself and your lifeforce with

Beautiful Boundaries

Psyche / Soul

The concept of soul or psyche has been used by humans throughout history, throughout the world. These days, in western culture we use terms such as psychology and psychotherapy, but those terms often neglect the deeper meaning of Soul. 

Soul is where psychology and spirituality meet. I like to think of it as PsychoSpiritual care, a necessity for our humanity.

This program offers an exploration of the self/soul to understand the deep yearning/ hunger we humans have to know the true nature of our beingness.
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