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Embodied Spiritual Liberation

If you are here because you want freedom (freedom from inner suffering, freedom to live according to your own nature, freedom to live the life your soul wants to live...) I understand.

As a Free Spirit who was born in captivity, I get it.

I come to this work as someone who knows well the damage that oppression & suffering cause to our mind/body/psyche/spirituality/creativity/

Hello loves!
I'm Mariela, a Cuban-born Free Spirit who practices and teaches Embodied Spirituality for personal and collective Liberation. 

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Summoned by The Deep.
Called by The Ancestors.

I believe that at this planetary time, we are being summoned by "The Deep," by something larger and deeper...

Your anxiety is summoning you.
Your existential depression is summoning you. 
Your pain and your shadows are summoning you.

Your ancestors are summoning you.
Your grandchildren are summoning you.

We are being called toward evolution; we are being called to work with ancestral reverence, with the wisdom embedded in our DNA, to learn from the pain, to heal, and to prepare a more fertile ground for our children and grandchildren.

I personally am honored to come from a lineage of matriarchs of Afro-Caribbean ancestry, who taught me (and continue to teach me) how to get free by listening to my body, by savoring the deliciousness of the present moment, by coming home through my senses...

I practice and teach Embodied Liberation, guided by their wisdom which is somatic and multi sensory (it incorporates flowers, herbs, spices, colors, textures ...)
Their wisdom is soothing, nourishing, and delicious...

I'm lucky in that way, and I love to share the deliciousness with others.     

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Write your awesome label here.
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 You are now entering... 


The Deep is the terrain of the human mind/body/psyche
that our conscious mind (the Ego/the Default Mode Network) doesn't like going into. 

In The Deep live the mystery, the shadows, the things yet to be born...

THE DEEP is the land of feelings, metaphors, meaning,
purpose, spirituality, etc.

in THE DEEP you find many parts:
struggling parts, healthy parts, divine parts...
(and you get to love and appreciate all of them!)

It was in The Deep
where I found Meaning
where I found Purpose
where I found Freedom

It was in The Deep where I found my personal myth, the story that guides my life.

A personal myth is important because it gives you something to hang on to,
because here's the thing about The Deep:
it is expansive...
one can feel lost in there, so having a story to return to is important. Our mind loves a story.

Here's mine (with the help of Human Design and The Gene Keys):
In The Deep there are two parts of me:

Inside the soft animal of my body lives my Soul (which I experience as an inner creature) and she's a Free Spirit/Nomad (42.1) who loves to flow with the energy (Spirit). She is also a protector of ancestral wisdom, a Guardian (32.1). She needs a lot of time alone to introspect and go deep; she's very connected to intuition, to The Deep, to Spirit World. 

Her archetype is that of The Queen of Cups.

My personality is more outgoing, though; on the outside I'm more driven (driven toward evolution) and driven to inspire others toward evolution (54.5-53.5). That part of me is my mind, my personality, which, when unhealthy, becomes the Ego. The archetype for this part is Tony Robbins (or Oprah Winfrey); it's the archetype of a passionate /driven inspirational teacher.

When unhealthy, my immature Ego wants to go save the whole wide world (big savor complex) and ignores the ancient wisdom of my body, the needs of my body, the pleas of my body.

But when I can get my Ego to listen, to surrender, to pass the baton to my body, then the two parts of me come into harmony, and then everything flourishes, inside and outside.

Likewise, you, too, have two main parts within (your mind and the soft animal of your body).

You, too, have your own myth, your own rhythm.

If you are sick and unhappy is likely because you are living the wrong myth, because you are living out of harmony with your own rhythm and your own nature.  

This is the work: to cultivate a healthy loving relationship between your mind and your body, and to find the myth and the archetypes to guide your journey toward liberation.

Love Letters from Our Community


“It’s impossible to put into words the space and setting Mariela creates. From the moment I began my experience, I felt loved and cared for and safe. It’s as if she can read your needs and even your wants as soon as they enter your mind- want a cozy blanket? It appears. Thirsty? Here’s a special fruit infused water she’s created... I felt Love and connection and safety and TRUTH. It's a life changing experience that I wish was available to all humans. ❤️💛🤍”
“Working with Mariela has been transformational in so many ways. Her intuitive wisdom is nothing short of magical and my sessions with her have brought light to darkness, awareness to unknowns, and most importantly, hope to the future. I highly encourage others to step into this work with openness and confidence for a better future. It is healing work and one of the very best gifts you can give to yourself and your love ones. You are not alone."
"When I first started working with Mariela I wasn't even aware of how much trauma I had experienced, or repressed, and just how dysregulated my nervous system was most moments of my life. I was using substances daily ... Five months after working with Mariela, I no longer need or use substances. My nervous system is regulated... She has helped me to return home to myself; develop a relationship with both the divine feminine and masculine; and access a river of peace and love that is always available within."
"Thank you SO MUCH for helping my wife empower herself. There is so much more peace and grace in our lives now. ❤️❤️❤️."
"Mariela, I'm in heaven... Thank you for SEEING me and guiding me during my journey. Thank you for holding me so beautifully. Thank you for loving me without conditions and for teaching me "The Way of the Mother," for modeling that so beautifully." 
"I have found my most precious self. I feel so empowered, at the deepest level of my soul."
"I'm realizing the ways in which I wasn't truly alive and balanced. This is an opportunity to reset & come back to life."
A Story of Hope.

Of all the stories I could tell you (from living half a century on this planet, from migrating and moving over 20 times, from befriending wildly diverse people and spiritualities from around the world) there’s ONE story that I think would be of particular interest to you, and that is the story of how I lost my HOPE (existential depression) and how I found the light of divinity in a hopeless world, through my reconnection with the earth and the sacred plant medicines that the earth provides for us. 

I'm committed to sharing this story so that others who are lost can also find hope in this "hopeless" world. My life and my work are dedicated to telling this story (with words and deeds and colors and textures and sounds) so that others may find their own hope, their own North Star, their own lighthouse/guiding post.

As a very practical teacher, minister, and guide, I could never give you false hope.
Because in the depth of my depression false hope felt offensive. Yes, I’m a skeptical by nature, and I’m not going to believe just anything, and the part of me that was depressed, my existential despair, and my trauma had really good reasons to feel the way they felt, and they would only come out from The Underworld unless there was a SOLID reason, unless there was a solid HOPE; a hope with roots; it couldn’t be shallow. And it couldn’t be small either; it had to encompass others too. I wasn’t interested in healing myself individually. What good does it do me to be healthy and happy when everyone around me is sick and miserable? I would have to be heartless, and that’s not acceptable. So, no, the HOPE had to be all-encompassing. So I kept looking. 
And I found it!!!! A solid hope. I found the Magic (the synchronicities that even my skeptic self and my skeptic friends) could not deny. 
Just like I found the patterns that led to my downfall and our collective downfall (meaning the patterns of separation brought about by colonialism and capitalism) I also found the patterns (personally and collectively) that bring about restoration, regeneration, and reconnection with the Earth & the Divine (which I call “The Magic” because it truly feels magical to me and to the people in my community who have also found it for themselves✨❤️‍🔥💖)
Basically I wanted PROOF (actual evidence) that it is possible to create healthier systems for ourselves, our families, and our communities; and I got it!
This brought me tremendous hope. Hope that healing ourselves and our communities is possible. Hope that there’s something larger, something more loving, a larger intelligence, a sentient web of existential that encompasses all life. I call it The Benevolence of Life.
Hope is medicine, beloveds. Having a solid hope was what lifted me up (up the autonomic nervous system ladder) from despair to hope. 
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