A sweet story about a girl's journey loving the world.

"Child of the Earth and Sun"

this is a 19-page PDF version of my story-for-all-ages "Child of the Earth and Sun."

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 Hello beloved, I serve my community as a speaker, teacher, and guide in areas such as:
🌱 Spirituality & Mysticism 
🌱 Decolonial/ Earth-based Spirituality
🌱 Divine-Feminine Wisdom
🌱 Nervous System Health 
🌱 Embodiment/ Somatic Psychology
🌱 Plant-Medicine Integration 
🌱 Somatic Dance Therapy
🌱 Self-Love / Self-Compassion 
🌱 Sovereignty/Autonomy 
🌱 Sacral Power 
🌱 Feminine-Centered Leadership

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