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Freeing the Soul : Essential Teachings for Healing & Liberation

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Healing & Liberation

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I've created this program because my body and psyche were once traumatized, and during my healing journey I realized that there are some basic teachings that every human being should know about, and these teachings are not being taught as much as they should, in my opinion, given the level of despair and hopelessness in our communities today.
Here you will learn about the vital lifeforce that moves through this world and how various religions, spiritualities, and philosophies have addressed it. This lifeforce also moves through you authentically (Soul) and when it's repressed  you experience Soul Loss (anxiety, depression, dissociation, etc). Soul Loss doesn't only affect the individual; it impacts the larger community as well, since the gifts of the soul are embedded in us to benefit our communities.
The lifeforce that moves through you is a wild thing of nature, but in order for you to become a member of this society you had to be socialized. We are also born with basic human needs that must be fulfilled during certain developmental stages in childhood, and if they are not, we go limping through life until they are addressed at some point. This is part of our work, to address these needs now as healthy adults.
In this chapter you will learn about your autonomic nervous system (ANS) which is automatic ("autonomic" means "automatic") so you have little control over it when it takes over, and if you don't know how to regulate it, you could be in trouble! To heal we need to become friends with ANS; we need to learn its language; we need to become intimate with regulation and dysregulation.
The coping mechanisms / survival strategies of childhood will stay with us until we learn to recognize them and  see how they are sabotaging our lives, our wellbeing, our relationships, etc... These patterns are also responsible for keeping our soul trapped, but we can learn to identify and change them to free our soul. These patterns are not just behavioral, they are also thinking patterns and embodied patterns.
While the body has been neglected by and forgotten in some of the main religions, spiritualities, and therapies today, it's only by working with the nervous system that healthy lives, healthy systems, and healthy communities can be created moving forward. Somatic healing is about bringing our awareness to our ever-changing inner landscape of sensations, emotions, and energetic charge.
Where do you retreat to when you feel overwhelmed or dysregulated? Where does your body/soul feel truly safe? Human beings have been crafting safe and sacred spaces for ages, and I have come to  believe that they are an absolute necessity for the nervous system, for catching our breath, for doing our inner work, etc.
Boundaries are an absolute necessity in this work of healing an liberation. Simply put, a boundary is an energetic protective layer that you can put between yourself and other people or situations. Boundaries can be relational, emotional, spiritual, etc. They aren't something physical you see, but they are powerful!
Human beings are creative creatures of tremendous depth, power, and passion. We are designed to express ourselves freely from a place of love, joy, and pleasure. And yet, we feel so repressed in so many ways, including creatively. Healing and Liberation is also about freeing the part of the self that can create a new life for ourselves and a new world for humanity. 
Here I share the story of Psyche and Eros because it's a story of love and liberation. It's a story of how we must come to love ourselves (and the world) fully in order to free the soul and evolve spiritually. Throughout history, for thousands of years, artists depicted Psyche with wings, and it sure feels like we gain our wings after the journey; it sure feels like a metamorphosis takes place, of mind/body/soul. 

In a society that has been dominated by patriarchal forces for thousands of years, forces that value power and exploitation, it's no surprise that we find ourselves, our planet, and our nervous systems in the conditions we are in. Now, in order to restore the balance, we must bring back the qualities of the feminine (which include traits such as empathy, compassion, healing, collaboration, and embodiment.)
We close with a wholesome summary of the program. Simply put, you were created as an individual to learn, to savor, to create, to evolve, and also to serve, to give of yourself, to assist in the collective evolution of humanity and in the healing of this world. We reclaim that when we change our patterns and tend to the needs of the soul.

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I'm a spiritual teacher of Arawak Afro-indigenous ancestry from the Caribbean currently living in Grand Rapids MI. I am an ordained Religious Naturalist Unitarian Universalist minister.
My work weaves together ancestral practices with the most recent understanding of the autonomic nervous system, spirituality, somatic healing, and breathwork to help you free your soul, reconnect with spirit, and find vitality and purpose once more.

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