Savoring Life / Loving Life with All your Senses

What is Savoring?

Savoring is like Mindfulness; except mindfulness includes the words “Mind” and “Full,” and that’s the opposite of what we are after.

Savoring is about allowing our senses to meet the world, and to get us out of rumination (the oppressive/obsessive thinking mind); it’s about getting the nervous system back to regulation with embodied awareness.

Savoring is really about LOVE & intimacy with what’s in front of you in the nanosecond; it’s about loving life, with all your senses. Savoring is about presence/our ability to engage with the deliciousness of life (the colors, the textures, the beauty…) 

Savoring is about making use of (and showing appreciation for) the many gifts we have been given by the benevolence of life; like the 3,000 taste buds on our tongue for our savoring pleasure. (Savoring is NOT about gluttony, on the contrary. It’s a about savoring more and consuming less.)

Savoring is about balancing the existential agonies with the ecstasies. It’s about survival, since depression keeps us in the underworld, making it impossible for us to see the beauty that remains, the goodness… when we train our brains to savor, we start to feel safe in the world again, and we fall in love with life again, and then we want to live, we want to love, we want to engage with life in a fuller/deeper way.

Savoring is about survival, yes, but it’s more than that. Savoring is about thriving; it’s about nourishment; it’s about engagement/intimacy with the world, using the senses given to us by Mother Nature. (Thank you, Mother! )

Savoring is about Coming Home Through the Senses

It’s about embodying the full range of the human experience. It’s about healing ourselves and our communities through relationship/connection, the ancestral way. 

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