Are You Regulated or Dysregulated

Are you regulated or dysregulated?

Here’s how to tell:

When your nervous system is regulated you feel calm, collected, present; your head is clear; you feel a sense of wellbeing in your body/ your physiology.  

Dysregulation feels like you are on edge; there’s a restlessness inside; you feel irritated; the mind is racing; you feel disconnected from the present moment; you are hyper-vigilant; the heart races; you feel "in danger." 

How to Befriend your Nervous System:

-Commit to making your nervous system your new best friend.
-Understand what it takes to make the nervous system happy (Spoiler alert: the nervous system wants one thing: Safety!)
-Tune-in. How can you support your nervous system today? Burnout, trauma, illnesses, and pain often stem from an overwhelmed/ chronically dysregulated nervous system.

Around here we prioritize a regulated nervous system.

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