The Many Parts of You / Internal Family Systems. (IFC)

Sometimes I think that this being human is like being a pomegranate, on the outside you look one way, but inside you are a juicy being, composed of many parts (the anxious part, the fearful part, the adventurous part, the creative part, the playful part, the disciplined part…)

Along the way, during our human journey, we often “lose” pieces of us; and with each part left behind we feel like we’ve lost a part of our essence / our vitality/ our lifeforce / our juiciness. 
I see the journey of healing as the journey of WHOLENESS; the work of bringing all the pieces back into a unified whole.
I also call it:

“The Journey of Soul Liberation” because the parts are not lost;
they are just oppressed/depressed/repressed.
And now we get to liberate them, by doing “parts work” (Internal Family Systems).
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