Hi! I'm RevMariela

I’m a Conscious Creator, an Explorer of Consciousness, a Speaker, and a Teacher. 

As a PsychoSpiritual & Somatic minister, I create loving spaces (mostly online) to help people navigate the complex landscape of their inner psyche, in a PLAYFUL way.

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My Work Incorporates Modalities
Such as:

Internal Family Systems (IFS)
As you travel through your internal landscape, I guide you to meet Parts of the Self, and to bring healing to them (with your kind, compassionate loving presence).

Somatics (Body-Based) Wisdom

If your body/nervous system feels chronically dysregulated; if you feel like your body is against you, or at war with you, this work teaches you practices of loving awareness, tenderness, self-attunement, and loving self-compassion. 

Mysticism and Spirituality

As a deeply spiritual (but not religious) teacher, my work guides you toward reconnecting with the sacred, in an intimate and embodied way.

Part of my work is to help my community restore their faith in life and nature once again, as we work together toward healing personal and collective existential depression in this world, which is  alarming and devastating. 

working together

I serve my community in various ways.
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1 on 1 Psycho-Spiritual and Somatic Sessions  

For those of you needing guidance during the deep and courageous work of healing & liberation; I'll be honored to serve as your guide, teaching you to embody love and self-compassion.  

Monthly Coaching/ Guidance / Apprenticeship 

If you need assistance going from one place to another in your life, I offer long-term one-on one guidance during your journey of liberation.

Speaking/ Preaching

I love to bring the message of love, decolonization, embodiment, the earth, and sacred plants to people in my extended community. 

Creative Parts Play

Need help understanding your inner parts? Want to tell a more beautiful story with your life? Want to become a Conscious Creator? I can help you with that!
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AREAS OF focus

Love. Liberation. Embodiment. Soul.

 Spirituality & Mysticism  
 Decolonial/ Earth-based Spirituality 
Divine-Feminine Wisdom 
Nervous System Health 

 Embodiment/ Somatic Psychology   
Plant-Medicine Integration


I was born on the island of Cuba, surrounded by the waters of the Caribbean Sea. My ancestors were from three different continents (some were Taino people of the Caribbean, others were indigenous from Africa, and others from Europe). And so, the cultural landscape of my upbringing was rich in diversity, from the music, to the food, to the spiritual traditions… And these are the treasures I carry with me, the wisdom and the delicious ways of being of my ancestors. They bless me daily, and I offer these blessings to you, from my heart to yours. 
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My story


After my experience with trauma (when I felt like I was kidnapped into the underworld and lost my soul) and after my long journey of recovery, I began guiding people in my community through the journey of Soul Liberation, to reclaim their health, authenticity, and vital life-force. I am deeply deeply passionate about freeing the human soul (beginning with my own) from the grip of suffering, from the colonial/patriarchal conditionings that are killing us and the planet, from the complex matrix of dehumanization that we call western society, and from our own psychological patterns/woundings which are causing us harm.

My background

I was born and raised in Cuba under extreme poverty, abuse, neglect, and rejection. From the beginning, my life journey has been one of tremendous struggle but also of tremendous opportunities and growth. I'm a cyclical being and have been called a Phoenix multiple times because of my capacity to rise and start again.

Life in the United States

 I came to the United States as a political refugee in 1995 at the age of 21, and as most immigrants, I felt that you are not given an opportunity like this one to waste it. So, I learned the language, the culture, the system; I worked and studied hard (two master degrees and various certifications.) I did everything by the book, but I was left burnout, grief-stricken, and traumatized, because the current systems are like a machinery that inflicts tremendous harm to our nervous systems.  The trauma I experienced under systems of oppression (and the journey through the underworld that followed) opened my eyes to human suffering in a completely different way.

My experience with trauma and oppression, as well as my journey of liberation, shapes my current Ministry of Heart & Soul.


My main training has been my almost 50 years on this planet, facing oppressive systems (beginning with a dictatorship in Cuba) and breaking free from those systems. Also, my own experiences with trauma, living in the Underworld for years. But here are my other trainings.

Trainings, Certifications, Schooling 

✍️ Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
📿Master of Divinity (MDiv)
👂Chaplaincy training (Clinical Pastoral Education) 
🍄 Psychedelic training (Blue Sage - Michigan) 
🫀HeartMath “Add Heart” Course  
🧘🏽‍♀️Trauma/Somatic/Nervous System trainings (The Vitalist School & other organizations such as the Strozzi Institute.) 
🌳My earth-based wisdom comes first and foremost from my ancestral lineage (Taino and Afro-Cuban ancestry), from my life-long relationship with the Earth Mother, and from the work of many beautiful teachers. 

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